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Instead of trouncing off to a monastery or medicating to relieve the symptoms of modern life, why not dig deeper and develop self-care protocols to cope with the stresses of everyday life? This book integrates spirituality, positive psychology and self-care protocols to help you achieve the peace and solace of a monk or mystic in the midst of a hectic urban environment.  

In the book you will learn how to breathe during times of stress, and how to make water a priority in your life.  You will discover how to enjoy life guilt-free and how to cultivate your creativity.  Since silence, solitude and meditation are important for restoration, we will look at ways to carve out space for solitude in our lives.  


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The Authors

Julie A. Gibson

Tanya G. Davis 

Julie A. Gibson and Tanya G. Davis are long time friends and collaborators who wrote this book to help others like themselves who are busy navigating life in these stressful times.  As wives, mothers, entrepreneurs and social advocates, they know what it's like to multi-task and have begun to implement certain self-care protocols to maintain peace of mind through it all.  They acknowledge that they are not trained psychologists.  In fact, they take pleasure in calling themselves the "un-experts" in the field. We hope their stories will help you find the peace of mind that you need. 

Our Community of Urban Monks and Mystics 

We are creating a community of supportive Urban Monks and Mystics who are intentional about becoming more centered and at peace in a world that seems to be swirling out of control.  Although chaos does not always disappear, God promises us peace in the midst of it. We are learning how to re-center our lives and appropriate the peace that only Christ gives.  If you're interesting in joining us on this journey, enter your email address and we will send you information to connect with us.

  Featured Self-Care Protocols From The Book


"We never know the wealth of water until the well is dry." 

  Thomas Fuller (circa 1662)


And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, He went out and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.  Mark 1:35


You can't kill a dreamer because he lives by the invisible. 

Tanya Davis


There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than it took the risk to blossom. 

Anais Nin


If you are going through hell, keep going.

Winston Churchill

Julie A. Gibson,

Author and Publisher

Sanctuary Books Publishing 

Tanya G. Davis,

Philanthropist and Narrative Writer

Tuskegee Next Foundation

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"This book is great, it's helping me to breathe..."

- Cherri Stepter, Atlanta

The book opened my eyes to the importance of meditation and tranquility.

- Fidelie Karena, Paris 


Drink More Water

Urban Monks and Mystics drink plenty of water.  Trying to get those required ounces in on a daily basis is difficult. We both talk about this challenge of not always drinking…


Inner Peace is Possible

What if you could change your lifestyle and feel the peace and tranquility of a monk or mystic? It is possible.  This book integrates positive psychology and spirituality to show you how to integrate Scriptures, experiences with God and self-care protocols to achieve grace, solace, and inner joy. 


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